Reserving a Puppy

Adding a puppy to your farm and or family is such an exciting time, trust me we know all about it!! We would like to get to know you to ensure we get the best match possible for both parties, you and the puppy!!!

The easiest way to do this is by completing the online application by clicking here. Next, we will review your form, and let you know if we have any questions.

Once we approve you as a potential buyer, request for a deposit ($500 non-refundable) for the particular litter you are interested in will be sent to you. Once we receive the deposit you will be added to the reservation list.


We believe in placing puppies according to temperament and personality. All puppies will be evaluated around 6 to 7 weeks of age, and suggestions will be made to each buyer. The order in which you are on the reservation list will determine if you will get a puppy not your pick, for example if 5 puppies are born and you are number 6 you will be given a refund or moved to the next litter.

The AKC Great Pyrenees Puppies page shows this order and is up to date. If for some reason we can not match your request from the litter you put a deposit on you can transfer the deposit to the next litter, or you can request a refund (but this is only if we are unable to match your request). We also reserve the right to first pick.

The remaining balance is due when you receive your puppy at 8 weeks, unless your puppy is be transported by a third party transporter (we recommend ground transport or a flight nanny) then the remainder is due at 6 weeks of age. We never allow for our puppies to fly cargo its just too stressful. For the best interest of the puppy and per Pennsylvania law no puppies leave prior to being 8 weeks old. Puppies going to working guardian homes are recommended to stay an additional week or two longer.

All our puppies will be seen and checked by a licensed veterinarian between the ages of 7-8 weeks, they will be microchipped, have their first set of vaccinations, have multiple dewormings, and their nails trimmed. A folder will be provided to every buyer and will contain the following: AKC registration form, free 30 days of AKC Pet insurance form, microchipping registration form along with the microchip ID tag, and the signed two year health guarantee contract. 

Your puppy will come with a two year (24 month) health guarantee.  We will give you a replacement puppy of our choice if your veterinarian concludes that genetics are the cause of the disorder. 

We "free" feed our puppies Royal Canin Giant and/or Large Breed Puppy. They also are supplemented with raw eggs and fresh goat milk. You will be provided with a small bag of the dog food we are using in case you choose to transition them to another brand.

Please note LIMITED AKC registration puppies are sold to be family companions/farm guardians. FULL AKC registration is for breeding and dog show conformation ring.  Period. If you ARE NOT a breeder, you DO NOT need full registration on your dog.  

No breeding unless you have obtained breeding rights by a contract from us in which you must meet our qualifications.  We have worked hard to build our program, we are small but we do take this seriously, please respect this.   

To simplify:

1)  fill out the puppy online application (link above)

2) if approved we will send a deposit request 

3) once deposit is received you will be added to our reservation list

4) an estimated due date will be provided once known

5) confirmation ultrasound will be shared along with any additional x-rays

6) buyer will be notified of when litter is born

7) estimated go home date will be provided

8) additional information over the 8 weeks of puppy life will be shared

9) puppy assignments will be made around 6-7 weeks

10) pick up dates will be scheduled, this will be on the Friday and Saturday after they turn 8 weeks