About Us

We are a small family farm and our main focus is breeding quality Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk and show, and AKC registered Great Pyrenees to protect your family and farm. Our journey started in early 2015 with chickens (aka the gateway animal to all farm animals). I wanted to be able to provide my family (at the time 3 boys under the age of 9) with eggs from animals that we raised. Being in a rural area we began to lose chickens on a daily basis from overhead predators, my children were devastated. In searching for ways to provide our happy free range chickens with protection I continued to see reference to Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD). While traditionally these dogs were breed to protect non-fowl livestock a lot of small farms have been seeing great success with their LGD in protecting their fowl. In early 2016 we brought home our Great Pyrenees pup, Izzy, from a chicken farm in Ohio. While searching for a working LGD I came across many Nigerian Dwarf Goat farms that used LGDs are their main form of protection for their herd. 

I, along with my boys just fell in love with the cuteness of the Nigerian Dwarf goats I knew we had to have some! With grand hopes to have milk, cheese, and soap (for my children's dry skin) someday we chose Nigerian Dwarf Goats to start our herd. In 2017 we added 6 does and 2 bucks from well established farms including Dragonfly Farm, Maplewood Hilltop Farm, Gibson Farm (Sugar Moon lines), and Little Tots Estate Farm. In 2020 we added some amazing milking and show genetics to our herd, they include 2 bucks from Dill's, 2 does from FeatherNScale (Sugar Moon and Old Mountain Farm lines), and 1 doe from Flat Rocks Farm. We are excited to see those little udders grow!


We find our goats to be sweet, loving, comical little characters, and our obsession continues to grow each day. Goats provide us with a constant source of fun, challenge, and we are always learning! Breeding for a better goat, milk test, appraisals, show, and goat kids are all things that have contributed to making goats a passion of ours. Our herd is currently on a dairy herd improvement (DHI) milk test this year, and we are hoping our little milkers earn their milking stars (*M). We plan to participate in Linear Approval (LA) testing in 2021. All this information will continue to help improve our herd, stay tuned!!

After having our first Great Pyrenees and falling in love with this majestic breed we knew we had to have more...we added Everest and Oscar a few years later. In wanting to preserve a breed that was developed almost 3,000 years ago to protect sheep from predators we decided to breed health tested AKC registered Great Pyrenees. I wanted to share what my family and farm has gained from these dogs, and I also found it extremely important that a working dog (farm or family) be registered and tested so that the new owners knew what they are getting as these dogs become a great asset inside and out! We raise our pups in the barn (not in kennels) from day one and they have daily contact with the farm and family as the grow. We are a small farm and therefore only have a litter or two a year. If you are interested in a litter head over to our reserving a puppy page!!  Thanks-The Caplan Family