AKC Great Pyrenees Puppies

Approved Buyer Reservation List:

Holly's 2022 Litter arrived August 1st 2023

6 males and 2 females.

  • Breeder's Choice F

  • Valery, MD M

  • Jodie, MD M 

  • Adam, MI M

  • Lexi, PA M

  • Sarah, Quebec F*

  • Matthew, MI M 

  • Kerri, VA M 


Current Litter:

Holly x Oscar due August 3rd, ready to go home end of September and/or early October. 


Future Litters:

Charlie x Duke planned for Spring 2023

Holly x Duke planned for Summer 2023


Please note, all planned litters are based upon the average cycles of our girls which vary between 8-10 months. We are working with nature and there is absolutely no way to know timing for sure until they come into heat and breed.


It also is impossible to predict how many puppies and how many males vs females! We have our vet perform an X-ray at 55 days post tie to count the puppies (also an estimate), to give us a better idea of the number of pups.


If there are not enough puppies to get to your deposit number in a litter, your name will remain on the list for the next litter or your deposit will be refunded if you choose not to wait.

Also, in order to further our lines we always have first choice in the litter. 

Deposits can be made at anytime once you are an approved buyer, please indicate a time frame of when you'll be ready to take your puppy home.


We are currently accepting applications for our late summer litter and for our spring and summer 2023 litters, please feel free to fill out an application on Good Dog. 

We will get back to you once we review your application, and add you to the reservation list (once deposit is received).