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Useful Information for Goat Owners

Recommended Books (links included):


Stoney's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats

The Back Yard Goat: The Introductory Guide to Keeping and Enjoying Pet Goats, from Feeding to Housing to Making Your Own Cheese

Backyard Dairy Goats: A natural approach to keeping goats in any yard

Recommended Supplies (links included):

General supplies:

Digital Rectal Quick Read Thermometer (goats normal rectal temperature 101.5 to 103.5)  


Hoof Trimmers (I trim every 6 weeks)


Blood Stop Powder (great to have for trimming nicks)


Syringes (Leur Lock 3 ml and Leur Lock 5ml) and Needles ( 20 and 22 gauge 3/4" to 1" in length) for injections


Drencher (20 or 30 ml for dewormers or other drugs orally)

Goat Nutri-Drench (contains vitamins and minerals to help a sick goat recover from illness-instructions on bottle)

Goat collars (much needed for capture lol)



Biomycin 200/LA-200 or Penicillin G (good to have on hand for a     just in case moment)

Spectrum Scour-Halt (antibiotic used to control diarrhea that has     not been caused by coccidia and should not be used in adult         goats)

Terramycin (great for any type of eye drainage including pink eye)

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