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ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Here at Little Deer Creek Farm, we have registered American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) Nigerian Dwarf goats. We are a small family farm, that enjoys everything about these little creatures! They bring so much joy to our lives (especially my boys). I started out with the thought of making soap with the goats milk (which I do see the tab "Goat Milk Soap" on my website to learn more), to help with my families eczema problems. I knew I wanted good milkers, and quality over quantity. I started my herd with amazing genetics from near (Pennsylvania) and far (Georgia and Massachusetts).


The amount of milk this girls gave me was eye opening (way more than I expected from these "tiny" milkers). I wanted to see what these girls can really do (as most of their parents have they milking *) and decided to start on a Diary Herd Improvement (DHI) milking test this year. I'm anxious to see the results in the coming year...stay tuned. You can visit our bucks and does pages to learn more about the animals and their genetics we have here on our farm.


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